Warehouse,Storage and Inventory Management

Warehouse Storage

TBS offers dedicated warehousing services to our clients that helps them in easy handling of their imported and exported goods. The cargo and goods are easily delivered in a quick and effective manner that results in covering any unnecessary delay. The goods warehousing services are charged with reasonable prices on the basis of long term and short-term usage.

Storage systems

TBS Gulf Logistics services designed upon automated storage systems for warehousing and distribution center. Our innovative solutions make the difference compared with the well-known systems in the market like stacker cranes (AS/RS systems), multi shuttles and mini loads. TBS Logistics combines these innovative storage solutions with the in-house designed warehouse software, including FIFO/LIFO principles. Our storage systems have applications in a wide range of industries such as Argo, food, non-food and retail. By applying sophisticated module-based systems we are able to create customized solutions, easy to adapt to every industry. All additional handling necessary can be designed and produced by TBS as well.